Pivotal and Responsible Advances (in) Disposal Improvements (and) Savings Excellence

Let’s Get Paradise Valley The Trash Collection Service It Deserves. Lower Cost. Better Environment. Less Chaos.

Paradise Valley is a great place to live but its trash collection service is chaotic with multiple trash haulers that put noisy trucks on our streets almost every day of the week. This also results in trashcans at curbsides all week long. It’s like every day is trash day. And rates are too high for too many in our town.

Paradise Valley deserves better. We need reform. Town Staff has drawn up a proposal before the Paradise Valley Town Council that would solve these problems.

  • Rates would be lower for the vast majority of Paradise Valley residents. No one’s rates would increase.
  • The average resident would save $4.40 a month or more than $50 a year.
  • Trash collection would be consistent which greatly reduces truck traffic and damage to our roads.
  • The trash collection fleet in Paradise Valley would run on clean burning compressed natural gas.

Indeed, see why former Paradise Valley Police Chief John Wintersteen supports this plan... click here.

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