Take Action

Ask the Paradise Valley Town Council to Support the Town Staff’s trash collection plan which will improve service, reduce truck traffic, reduce pollution, and reduce rates for the vast majority of residents.

If you'd like to contact any of the council members individually, their direct contact info is below:

Mayor Michael Collins
480.348.3690 - mcollins@paradisevalleyaz.gov

Vice Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner 
480.442.3532 - jbienwillner@paradisevalleyaz.gov

Paul Dembow
480.650.9940 - pdembow@paradisevalleyaz.gov

Scott Moore
480.828.8518 smoore@paradisevalleyaz.gov

Julie Pace
480.985.2613 - jpace@paradisevalleyaz.gov

Mark Stanton
602.799.2401 - mstanton@paradisevalleyaz.gov

David Sherf
310.729.2982 - dsherf@paradisevalleyaz.gov